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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Adds X of the specified item to this reference's inventory, possibly silently.


Function AddItem(Form akItemToAdd, int aiCount = 1, bool abSilent = false) native


  • akItemToAdd: The form to add to this reference's inventory. If this is a base object, it will add a newly-created item. If it is a reference, it will move/remove it from its place/container to this container. If it is a form list, then it will add aiCount of each item in the list.
    • Note: This can accept non-persistent references in containers.
  • aiCount: How many references to add. Note that this must be 1 if you are passing in an object reference.
    • Default: 1
  • abSilent: If true, no message will be printed to the screen
    • Default: false

Return Value



; Add two diamonds to the player's inventory, silently
Game.GetPlayer().AddItem(Diamond, 2, true)

; Move the special gem reference from wherever it is into the chest


  • Making akItemToAdd a form list does not work resulting in "error: (<formlistID>): cannot be put in a container." regardless if defined or cast as one. Using the console version "additem" does work however.

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