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Member of: ScriptObject

Adds a form as a "filter" for OnItemAdded and OnItemRemoved events sent to this object. The filter is applied separately to each script on an object, so each script on an object needs to separately manage its own filters and will not interfere with any filters on any other scripts attached to the same object.


Function AddInventoryEventFilter(Form akFilter) native


  • akFilter: The item to filter with.
    • If none, all items will be allowed through - but you MUST be able to handle several hundred at once!
    • If a base object, this object will only be notified of base objects matching exactly.
    • If a keyword, it will check the object for said keyword
    • If a component, it will check the object for said component
    • If a form list, it will filter using all of the forms in the form list (only items in the form list will be allowed through).

Return Value



; Make sure we only get events for gold and soul gems


  • The filter will only check inventory objects directly against the objects in the form list, and will not dig inside nested lists to find them.
  • OnItemAdded/Removed will not be sent to any container scripts not having filters.

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