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Type: NPC_
Papyrus: ActorBase Script, Actor Script

An Actor is a type of object that runs AI routines. Actors move in the world, can engage in combat, and can interact with other objects such as Doors, Containers, Activators, and other actors.

Editor Dialog

Actor Editor.png
  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Name: The object's name as it will appear within the game world and user interface menus.
  • Short Name: Optionally, a shorter name used on the HUD and for Text Replacement fields that specify the short name. If left blank the full Name is used.
  • Alt Activation Text:
  • Flags
    • Is CharGen Face Preset: If checked, the face created for this actor is available for the player to choose in Character Gen. There is a misconception that this flag will also prevent CK from editing the NPC's Face Data, and some mods have used this heavily on their NPC's resulting in a heavily populated Character Gen menu. Do not use unless you wish this face to be an available Preset for the Player.
    • Essential: Essential actors cannot be killed. When they reach 0 health, they go into a special "bleedout" state and recover over time.
    • Protected: Protected actors are treated as essential to all damage except that delivered by the player. The player is the only one allowed to kill a Protected actor.
    • Respawn: References of this actor in the world will resurrect and reset when their cell is reset.
    • Unique: Only one reference of this actor is allowed to exist. Unique actors mainly exist so that the Story Manager can find them even when they are not currently persisting.
    • Doesn't affect stealth meter: When this actor detects the player, the stealth meter does not react. Typically used for non-hostile actors such as animals and critters.
    • Diffuse alpha test:
    • Summonable: This actor can be associated with a Summon Actor magic effect.
    • Is Ghost: This actor is immune to all damage, and all weapons pass through them without playing hit effects or triggering hit events.
    • Invulnerable: This actor is immune to all damage, although weapons and projectiles appear to hit them normally.
    • Doesnt Bleed: When the actor is struck by a weapon, blood effects are disabled.
    • Simple Actor: Disables face animations and morphing. Also disables the Story Manager's Death and Assault events.
    • No Activation/Hellos:
  • Destructible Object: Allows you to configure the objects destruction data with the Destructible Object Data editor.
  • Dialogue:
  • Forced Ref Loc Type:
  • Scripts: Papyrus scripts may be added, removed, and their properties edited.
    • Add: Adds a papyrus script to this object.
    • Remove: Removes the selected papyrus script from this object.
    • Properties: Shows the papyrus property editor for the selected script.
  • Native Terminal: For Protectrons and Turrets. This an external terminal that is displayed on the nearby terminal that a pod or a Turret is linked to.
  • Preview Transform: A Transform applies positioning to a Model File. These may be used when previewing objects within the Creation Kit or in-game user interface menus.
  • Templated From:


The traits tab sets the actor's basic race and voice data.

Actor Traits Editor.png
  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Race:
  • Skin:
  • Female:
  • Opposite Gender Anims:
  • Height
    • Min:
    • Max:
  • Voice Type:
  • Far Away Model
    • Skin:
    • Distance:
  • Alignment:
  • Death Item:
  • Disposition Base:
  • Attach Parent Slots:
    • Collect From 3D:
  • Object Template:
  • Weight
    • Random:
    • Thin:
    • Muscular:
    • Fat:
  • Body Morph Region Values
    • Head:
    • Upper Torso:
    • Arms:
    • Lower Torso:
    • Legs:
    • Reset to Defaults:


The stats tab lets you specify an actor's attributes, skills, level, and class.

Actor Stats Editor.png
  • Leveling Data
    • Level:
    • PC Level Mult:
    • Calc Min:
    • Calc Max:
  • Auto calc stats:
  • Base Health:
  • Calculated Health:
  • Base AP:
  • Calculated AP:
  • XP Value Offset:
  • Base XP Value:
  • Calculated XP Value:
  • Bleedout Override:
  • Class: The Class to use.
  • Base Actor Values:
    • Actor Value:
    • Amount:
  • Actor Value Report:


The templates tab.

Actor Templates Editor.png
  • Default Template:
  • Legendary Template:
  • Legendary Chance:
  • Template Form:
  • Template Flags
    • Use Traits:
    • Use Stats:
    • Use Script:
    • Use Factions:
    • Use AI Data:
    • Use AI Packages:
    • Use Def Pack List:
    • Use Attack Data:
    • Use SpellList:
    • Use Inventory:
    • Use Base Data:
    • Use Keywords:
  • Calc For Each Template:


The actor factions tab displays the factions that an actor belongs to, and their rank within the faction.

Actor Factions Editor.png
  • Factions and Ranks
    • Rank:
    • Faction:
  • Assigned Crime Faction:


The relationships tab lets you specify that an actor has a relationship with another actor.

Actor Relationships Editor.png
  • List
    • Relationship NPC:
    • Rank:
    • Type:


The keywords tab.

Actor Keywords Editor.png
  • Keywords: A list of Keywords that signal information to other game systems.

AI Data

The AI Data tab determines the actor's basic approach to combat.

Actor AI Data Editor.png
  • AI Attributes
    • Aggression:
    • Confidence:
    • Assistance:
    • Mood:
    • Energy:
    • Morality:
  • Aggro Radius Behavior:
    • Warn:
    • Warn/Attack:
    • Attack:
    • No Slow Approach:
  • Combat Style:
  • Gift Filter:

AI Packages

The AI Packages tab lists all of the actor's base packages.

Actor AI Packages Editor.png
  • AI Package List:
  • Default Package List:
  • Spectator Override Package List:
  • Observe Dead Body Override Package:
  • Guard Warn Override Package List:
  • Combat Override Package List:
  • Follower Command Package List:
  • Follower Elevator Package List:


The Inventory tab lists all of the items that the actor is carrying or wearing by default.

Actor Inventory Editor.png
  • Default Outfit:
  • Sleep Outfit:
  • Geared Up Weapons:
  • Outfit Objects:
  • Power Armor Furniture:
  • Inventory
    • Object: The selected inventory object within the inventory list.
      • Search Filter: Text entered here will filter the object list to only matching objects.
    • Count: The amount of an object within the inventory list.
    • Health:
    • Owner
      • NPC:
      • Global Variable:
      • Faction:
      • Required Rank:
    • Preview Calculated Results:
    • Preview Level:


The spell list tab.

Actor SpellList Editor.png
  • Spells:
  • Perks:


The sounds tab.

Actor Sounds Editor.png
  • Sound Level:
  • Inherits Sounds From:
  • Stop Conscious Loop When Unconscious:
  • Actor Sound Data:


The animation tab lists all of the animations available to the actor.

Actor Animation Editor.png
  • Havok Anim:
  • Preview Controls:
    • Allow Movement:
    • Animation Speed:
    • Resume:

Attack Data

The Actor Attack Data tab displays the raw properties associated with animation attack events, and allows you to manually override their default values if desired.

Actor Attack Data Editor.png
  • Override from Behavior Graph:
  • Attacks:
    • Event:
    • Damage Mult:
    • Attack Chance:
    • Stagger Offset:
    • Recovery Time:
    • Action Pts Mult:
    • Attack Spell:
    • Attack Type:
    • Weapon Slot:
    • Required Slot:
    • Description:
    • Attack Angle:
    • Strike Angle:
    • Knockdown:
    • Power Attack:
    • Ignore Weapon:
    • Bash Attack:
    • Rotating Attack:
    • Charge Attack:
    • Continous Attack: Specifies whether the attack is continuous or not. The word "continuous" is misspelled as "continous" within the creation kit.
    • Override Data:

Character Gen Parts

When working with a non-templated humanoid actor, the Character Gen Parts tab allows you to adjust their appearance.

Actor Character Gen Parts Editor.png
  • Face Complexion:
  • Hair Color:
  • Facial Hair Color:
  • Facial Morph Intensity:
  • Import:
  • Face Tinting Layers:
  • Face Tinting Color:
    • Value:
      • Reset:
    • Preset:
    • Select Color:
    • R:
    • G:
    • B:
  • Base Head Parts:
  • Additional Head Parts:

Character Gen Morphs

The Character Gen Morphs tab.

Actor Character Gen Morphs Editor.png
  • Collapse All:
  • Morph Transform:
    • Position:
      • X:
      • Y:
      • Z:
    • Rotation:
      • X:
      • Y:
      • Z:
    • Scale:
      • S:
  • Eyes:
    • Preset:
    • Eyes Upper Lid:
    • Eyes Hood:
    • Eyes Low Lid:
    • Eyes Low:
  • Forehead:
    • Preset:
  • Nose:
    • Preset:
  • Ears:
    • Preset:
  • Cheeks:
    • Preset:
  • Mouth:
    • Preset:
    • Underbite:
  • Chin:
    • Preset:
  • Neck:
    • Preset:

Known Issues

Render Panel

  • Preview Allows you to view a preview of the Actor in the Preview panel on the right side of the Actor form.
    • Full: Allows you to preview changes to the Actor's body.
    • Head: Allows you to preview changes to the Actor's face morphs.

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