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Member of: ObjectReference Script

Activates this item with the specified reference as the activator.


bool Function Activate(ObjectReference akActivator, bool abDefaultProcessingOnly = false) native


  • akActivator: Who will activate this object.
  • abDefaultProcessingOnly: If true, no OnActivate event will be sent to any scripts and the object will ignore the blocked flag.
    • Default: False

Return Value

True if default activation processing was performed (and succeeded). Will return false if activation was blocked, or the activation failed for some other reason.


; Have the player 'activate' the door

; Have the player 'activate' the door, bypassing any blocked activation and NOT sending an event to any script
NeatDoor.Activate(Game.GetPlayer(), true)


If the object reference has had activation processing blocked, this will still send the OnActivate event to scripts attached to the object, but will ignore normal processing (i.e. picking up the object, opening the door, etc). Unless, of course, you have the abDefaultProcessingOnly parameter set to true, in which case no event is sent, and the block flag is ignored.

Known Issues

When called on a stack of items dropped by the player, Activate() will return only one item from the stack.

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