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Note: Since this is a wiki and anybody can edit it, the original author of this article cannot verify that the information on this page is accurate.

This page is not intended as a store for a list of all dirty plugins, as there are likely thousands, if not tens of thousands, of such plugins. Instead, it should be used to list:

  • Cleaning instructions for plugins with wild edits that must be cleaned manually.
  • Plugins that should not be cleaned, with reasons given. A plugin may qualify for this list if, for instance, its purpose is to revert changes to weapon stats made by (arbitrary) other plugins so that a script it uses can then implement some combat balancing algorithm correctly. It is anticipated that only a very small number of plugins will qualify for this list.

The lists on this page will not be comprehensive, but built up over time as the cleanliness of plugins available is tested.

Quick List of What & What Not to Clean

  • Do NOT clean Skyrim.esm
  • Do NOT clean the unofficial patches (USKP, UDGP, UHFP, UDBP). They have already been cleaned.

Order For Cleaning Bethesda's Master Files

TES5 Apply Filter For Cleaning Update.esm TES5 Apply Filter For Cleaning Dawnguard.esm TES5 Apply Filter For Cleaning Hearthfires.esm TES5 Apply Filter For Cleaning Dragonborn.esm

For Update.esm: Load Skyrim.esm and Update.esm, but only clean Update.esm.
For Dawnguard.esm: Load Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, and Dawnguard.esm but only clean Dawnguard.esm.
For Hearthfires.esm: Load Skyrim.esm and Hearthfires.esm but only clean Hearthfires.esm.
For Dragonborn.esm: Load Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, and Dragonborn.esm but only clean Dragonborn.esm.

Mods Needing Manual Cleaning

Cautionary note: Keep unaltered backup copies of your DLC files somewhere safe in case you need to reinstall them. These are much more difficult to replace from an online source!

Dawnguard.esm - Manual Cleaning

CELL 00016BCF (Block 5, Sub-Block 3): Remove XEZN subrecord referring to RiftenRatwayZone [ECZN:0009FBB9]. Otherwise it blocks the official fix in Update.esm.

CELL 0001FA4C (Block 2, Sub-Block 1): Wild edit. Remove this record. It's a testing cell.

CELL 00039F67 (Block 5, Sub-Block 1): Wild edit. Remove this record. It's a testing cell.

CELL 0006C3B6 (Block 8, Sub-Block 1): Wild edit. Remove this record. It's a testing cell.

Mods You Should NOT Clean

There are a very small number of mods out there that contain "dirty edits" intentionally. One reason for this is to sort of do a preemptive strike to combat against truly "dirty" mods that might cause problems. There are other reasons too. The bottom line is do NOT clean the mods below.

Better Sorting by Headbomb or its Compatibility Patches.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Convenient Horses

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