Floating Grass Fix

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The Bug

A problem with grass textures not updating correctly. This fix will make your animated grass behave correctly in the CK, as well as in-game.

For the Game

Open up both Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add/alter this:

  • bAllowLoadGrass=0
  • bAllowCreateGrass=1

For the Editor

In the skyrim installion folder open SkyrimEditor.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add:

  • bAllowCreateGrass=1
  • bAllowLoadGrass=0

In-Game Workaround

If grass and rocks foreign to the worldspace or interior in question still fail to disappear after making the changes outlined above, the following will fix it while in-game.

  • Exit the malfunctioning worldspace/interior through the nearest door that requires a "full" load. Preferably an exterior world space.
  • Open the console with the '~' key. Type 'tg' and hit enter. The console will display a message to tell you that you have disabled/enabled grass rendering. Make sure rendering is disabled.
  • Save.
  • Exit Game.
  • Load to Main Menu.
  • Delete any existing saves where the glitch may have been present in the world space the game was saved in.
  • Load the clean save you just made.
  • Grass display should be on by default.
  • Open the console and type 'tg'. Grass rendering will again be disabled.
  • Re-enter the glitching world space or interior.
  • Just remember to type 'tg' in the console before going back outside to have your lovely foliage back.

Source: Results duplicated in numerous personal trials with my own mod.

Test Conditions: Moving between two worldspaces, belonging to the same .esp file, in-game.

Note: This workaround will work provided the creator of the mod or area in question did not drag a texture from the Creation Kit Object Window into the Render Window at any point during the construction of the mod/area. If the space in question is an interior the fix is easy. The creator need only select and drag the entire build of the interior up or down to avoid the area where grass will appear. Now grass can be present or not and it will have no effect.

Re: Grass appearing in the Creation Kit: I have had it occur that grass from an exterior worldspace appears in an interior or the next exterior worldspace when grass display has not been turned off and is verified to be off when the grass in the display window disappears, before switching to the next world space. Oddly enough, saving the .esp will wipe the grass clean in the current area.

If the glitch hasn't been remedied it's important to note that if saves exist where glitch conditions were present, the glitch won't be remedied by this solution. This includes autosaves/saves. Delete autosaves/saves where the glitch is present and reload at a point before entering the glitching area.